While I Was on Vacation I Rode a Boogie Board

Yesterday morning I woke up in my bunk bed in the tiny room I shared with my brother. As I laid in bed I realized that it was over. My week of vacation had come to an end and all that was left was to finish the packing up and drive the four and a half hours back to Rustburg.

So I did the only logical thing there was to do. I spent a few minutes thinking about riding the waves of life on a boogie board.

Click through to read more of this potentially awkward parallel between life and boogie boarding…

I’ll Be on Vacation

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to put a quick post together and let you know that I’ll be on vacation next week.

I’m going to have to spend some time working on my computer, but I do want to minimize the amount of time I spend on my devices… So I won’t be blogging next week.

Unless of course the urge comes over me and I have some spare time and I can’t help but type a post.

Which could happen I guess.

At any rate. Have a good week and I’ll be back on Monday the 8th of September.

If you need something to do checkout the guys behind the video above. They are interesting fellows. :)

Learning to Code In Java – All Languages Are the Same

Just how similar are these two languages? Depends if we are talking syntax or "foundational principles..."

Just how similar are these two languages? I’d say it depends if we are talking about syntax or “foundational principles…”

After completing the intense three month Ruby on Rails course at the Iron Yard I didn’t think I would ever want to learn a new language. I mean, I knew for a fact that those where the three hardest months of my educational experience… and I didn’t want to have to go through that immediately again.

As I’ve been applying for jobs I realized a number of times that there are a lot of junior/entry level jobs out there that don’t necessarily ask for or need Ruby on Rails. That wasn’t enough to get me to start learning to code with Java, but an opportunity with a local company was. click through to read more about my opinions… but realize they are only opinions!

Programming for the End Result

Dawson Hanging on a Gate - Hopefully this makes sense with this post by the end... :)

Dawson Hanging on a Gate – Hopefully this makes sense with this post by the end… :)

I’ve been asked an interesting question a number of times in interviews over the past week or so. Today I thought I’d explore my response to the following question.

What do you enjoy the most about web development?

Now there is a loaded question if I ever heard one. If I say that I don’t really enjoy any of it I probably won’t get the job. If I say that I enjoy all of it you’ll probably realize that I’m a bit disillusioned with life and move to another candidate.

So how should I respond? With the truth no doubt.

Here is what I really enjoy the most about web development… Ooops you’ll have to finish reading this by clicking here…

The Other Side of Job Hunting – Its Not All Discouragement

There are always two sides to a mushroom...

There are always two sides to a mushroom…

After my post the other day about the discouragement that can be a part of the a job search, a few interesting things happened. I thought it probably warrants another blog post.

Just a bit of context though… (I feel like I need to make sure that we are all on the same page before I get too far.) At the end of June I completed the most difficult educational period of my life – three months at The Iron Yard in Atlanta.

At the end of those three months everyone in my cohort started looking for jobs. So, its been a few months since I started looking and applying for entry/junior level Ruby on Rails positions.

Job hunting is something that I’ve never really had to do. I’ve always worked for people that I’ve known. There were no cover letters, no application process, no resumes, no interviews… So I’ve been trying to figure the entire process out while doing it for the first time. Read On…!

Job Hunting Is Kind of Discouraging – Coming Up For A Breath of Air

Sunset Over the Barn and Silo

Sunset Over the Barn and Silo

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are doing fine.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve not been posting much here in the past few weeks. There are many reasons, but I thought I’d write a bit and explain a bit why I haven’t been posting.

Firstly it isn’t that I don’t want to write. I enjoy taking words and moulding them into something that either makes sense, evokes a feeling or asks for action. I will always enjoy the creation of content.

Instead I’ve found it is difficult to write these days simply because I seem to lack in the “what to create” department. I’ve tried to write numerous times and given up because it feels like I am writing the same thing over and over.

Here is the truth. Looking for a job can be rather discouraging. Read On…