On Deadlines and Real Projects


I was recently working on creating a quote for a small to medium size Ruby on Rails project. As I eased into the project, thinking through the data structure, working on user stories, user engagement, what the future of the app would be, finding the “core” of the application and things along those lines, I started to realize how much I have been missing two things. Hey. That’s a Deadline! Firstly I missed having a deadline for my project(s). One of the things that I both enjoyed and kind of despised while I … Read More

Microsoft Gets it Right – For Now

Microsoft FTW!!!

Recently I’ve enjoyed hearing about number of things from Microsoft. Yes you read that correctly. Microsoft. I try to be the kind of person who uses tools because they do what I need them to do, not because of who they are made by. I don’t think that should change when it comes to computers and software. (Which partially explains why I use both a Windows PC and a MacBook Air.) At any rate. Let’s talk a bit about Microsoft and “who they have become.” The Apps The other day I opened … Read More

Can I Get Back on Track – Preliminary Productivity


I knew yesterday morning that I needed to get some level of methodology and scheduling back into my life. After a month an a half of running the business end of the fall season on my dads farm I needed to get some things caught up, finished and figured out. A month of running from one fire to another trying to stay just ahead of the flames has a way of leaving a number of things that just don’t get done. As I was thinking about productivity and how to “get back on … Read More

What I Learned About WordPress From Rails


I’ve recently been working a fair amount on a new blog/website called ImagineWP. What I’ve discovered as I dig farther into WordPress, what it is, what it does, how it works, themeing and plugins, is that at its core WordPress is code. Of course I knew this before, the entire thing is written in PHP and uses PHP for its theme files and plugin files. What I hadn’t really thought about until recently is exactly how what I know about Ruby on Rails (what I learned earlier this year at The Iron Yard) … Read More