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Hello Ruby on Rails – Learning to Love Rails

Scaling to the top...

Scaling to the top…

It was like a first date.

We sat at a table sipping our coffee. As the conversation progressed naturally I experienced all kinds of “aha” moments. With each one I found myself liking Ruby on Rails more than I had to begin with.

There was the moment I realized that I didn’t have to create my app from scratch. A simple one line terminal command could create the entire app skeleton.

Then there was the moment I realized that controllers and methods were also a matter of one terminal command.

Sure, the app isn’t going to literally take my thoughts and implement them, at least not yet. However the knowledge that a lot of the functionality that I would have to build is already there… makes me feel fuzzy inside. Continue reading

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Coding – There Are Many Doors, Roads and Pathways

Many Doors to the Same Space

Many Doors to the Same Space

I bet you’ve heard the saying, “all roads lead to Rome.”

If I understand correctly that little saying refers to the time when the Romans ruled the “known world.” Since the Romans were the first to introduce road systems, the saying makes sense.

Each road was¬†build to connect Rome to its distant “pieces of state.” Thus, every road’s “destination” was Rome. Continue reading

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I’m Writing a Book – Join Me



I admit it. I wasn’t going to write much today.

Then I went to church this morning and my outlook changed just a little. At least as far as this particular blog post is concerned.

Thinking about stories

This morning the pastor at the church I’ve been attending the last few weeks, talked about the “story of the Bible.” How from beginning to end it fits together. Creation, the fall, the children of Israel, Jesus, the early church…

His point was that the entire story experiences a “climax” a “turning point” on the first Good friday and then Easter Sunday. Everything else is either leading up to that moment or referencing that moment.

Maybe this feels like a bit of a tangent in relation to the things I’ve been covering here on the blog in the last few weeks. However I don’t think there has to be a disconnect between what we are here for and what we do.

Actually if there is a huge disconnect between those two things I think we could say that we are in a whole bunch of trouble.

Uhm… what about my story?

So I’ve done a bit of thinking about my story. I don’t think it ranks anywhere on any New York Best sellers list, but that really isn’t important.

The life I am living. The daily existence that I am a part of is my story. Because it is my story, it is of exceptional interest to me.

I’ve been a fan of the writings of Donald Miller for some time. He often refers to life as a book, or as a story. There are all kinds of elements that must come together to have a good and captivating story. Donald’s question to his readers is often, “what are you writing? Where is your story going?”

I guess I don’t know how my story ends. In fact if I knew how it ends there is a fair chance that I’d laugh right now… Isn’t that often the nature of a story? The end is never what you think it will be in the beginning. Continue reading

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Trying To Wrap My Head Around Database Queries

Hello DB Queries...

Hello DB Queries…

I guess I knew it was coming at some point, but I wasn’t as ready for it as… well, lets just leave it there.

Using WordPress for the last number of years has given me a very small glimpse into the world of databases. When I say small glimpse I mean just that. I knew what the database did (sort of) I knew where the database lived (sort of) and finally I new that it was a very smart way to be able to store and access data on a dynamic website.

But I really didn’t know what I was doing with databases. Every time I had to make a change that required diving into the database, it was with the knowledge that I could totally ruin my entire installation of WordPress. After much googling and being sure to create a backup of the database I could creep into the back end and make the change. Usually it worked just fine… but having a backup saved my bacon a time or two. Continue reading


…I think my entire body would benefit from some time away from the computer.

So I’ll go take a long nap till morning.

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Time to Stop for the Day

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KISSing is Good For You – Coding in a Clean Environment

Let The Paint Splatters Hit the Floor

Let The Paint Splatters Hit the Floor

Maybe you clicked through because of the title… I apologize, I couldn’t help but use the acronym. Keep It Stupid Simple.

I’ve learned rather quickly the importance of staying focused on one thing at a time.

I am a guy, so I automatically have a disadvantage when it comes to trying to multitask. However this disadvantage really is a blessing if I allow it to be.

Once again I must state my somewhat obsessive state of mind when it comes to how I approach what I’m doing. Whether it is building an app from the ground up or even working on a blog post.

When I am working on building an app there are three pieces of the puzzle that I allow myself to have open on my computer. If I was able to do everything with just one simple window open I would. Continue reading