Working on Personal Projects – Scratching My Little Itch

Interestingly enough, although a lot of my time is spent looking for and applying for jobs… I still need other things to do from time to time. Sure, I could just sleep a few more hours every day, that would be welcome in some ways, but I bet I could do something worth a bit more if I’d put my mind to it.

Besides, it makes sense in my head that I would continue to write programs so that I can continue to learn. After all, my favorite way to learn is by doing stuff. Continue reading

It Happens Every Day

Time to cut the corn maze

Time to cut the corn maze

The past few weeks have been busy. You may have even noticed that I went from five posts per week to three and more recently down to one or two… this posting business is seriously getting into the dangerous territory of not being frequent enough.

Here is the deal. I’ve sat down to write things several times and just can’t make it work. I get past the first couple of lines and then realize that it sounds practically the same as what I’ve posted before. Finding a job is basically a job… Continue reading

Mastering the Art of the Cover Letter

Dear John Cover Letter

Dear John Cover Letter

I’ve missed a few days worth of posts. I should feel awful about that, but somehow I realize that there are more important things that I need to be doing right now… so I’ll give my conscience a bit of a break.

The past number of days or half a week I’ve basically been working on mastering the art of a number of things. Firstly, looking for jobs to apply for and secondly working on the actual application for those jobs. So far that has meant writing a bunch of cover letters. Continue reading

The Job Hunt

Perhaps the hardest part of my transition to being a full time web developer is still ahead of me. I guess I thought the hard part would be over once I actually completed the course at The Iron Yard… Turns out it wasn’t.

Finding a job to apply for easy. Simply search for a Ruby junior level job and apply… right? Well not exactly. Continue reading

Missing Deadlines

One of the biggest (and this may seem strange to you) things that I miss about The Iron Yard is the pressure of deadlines.

Yes, you read that correctly. I miss not having something to build that is due by such and such a time. Sure, I’m glad I don’t have to build a new app every two or three days, because that can get rather hectic and stressful, I do however miss some other interesting things about having deadlines. Continue reading

The Value of a Quality Critique

Last year this time... I was in Maine... I'm no lobster connoisseur, but this one was pretty good!

Last year this time… I was in Maine… I’m no lobster connoisseur, but this one was pretty good!

This morning as I was going through my email inbox for the first time I noticed an email that had an interesting looking subject line. It included something about a portfolio review…

The staff at The Iron Yard has been working through portfolios and resumes of each student in the last number of days, so it came as no surprise… but I was interested to see what was going to be in it.

After watching the video review/critique of my personal portfolio/resume I went for another cup of coffee.  Continue reading

Food, Family and Freedom

Food, Family and Freedom

Food, Family and Freedom

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend that involves some food, family and celebrating the freedoms that we are so privileged to have here in the US.

I’m going to take this opportunity to postpone writing a longer blog post till Monday…